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Elemental Financial Limited is a RegTech-driven payment solutions company based in London, providing risk-managed correspondent banking services to emerging markets worldwide.

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Global payments for local banks

Since 2008, de-risked local banks in developing economies have been prevented from making international payments easily. Elemental Financial is reconnecting those local banks to global payment rails, transaction banking and currency exchange, enhancing their operational efficiency and helping to grow prosperity for the bank, its customers, and the region it serves.


An international team of experts

Elemental Financial has assembled a management team with core competencies in banking, non-banking, regulation and alternative financial services. The team has decades of operating experience in developed and developing economies. Together, the team is eminently qualified to gain regulatory approval, implement Elemental’s unique approach to global transaction banking, and thrive in a risk adverse environment by solving the issues which gave rise to the current CBR business environment.


Strict legal compliance

Elemental Financial’s management team has extensive experience of all financial services regulatory compliance issues including AML/CTF, ABC, sanctions screening, CDD/KYC, data protection and fraud. The team leverages this experience to help local banks in emerging markets meet their regulatory obligations, from KYC (Know Your Customer) to EDD (Enhanced Due Diligence).

Elemental meets the highest standards of legal compliance in an ever-evolving financial market. With the introduction of PSD2 and GDPR, the team acts swiftly and efficiently to implement robust new procedures wherever and whenever necessary.

Elemental Financial is awaiting authorisation by the Financial Conduct Authority under the Electronic Money Regulations 2011.


Advanced regulatory technology

Elemental Financial leverages the latest RegTech (Regulatory Technology) and payments technology, based on the security and efficiency of blockchain, to significantly reduce CBR risk and service friction.

The key areas in which we leverage RegTech are:

  • Information Security
  • Operations Risk Management
  • Compliance Management
  • Trade Monitoring

In this way, Elemental Financial is creating a paradigm shift in the way cross-border payments are cleared, monitored and delivered today.

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